paper tower  MSSD Physics  
  Paper Tower Challenge
  September 14-16, 2004

Day 1    Materials:  limited to 2 sheets of 8.5 X 11 paper, 15 cm tape

Day 2    1 sheet of 12 X 18" paper, 15 cm tape
Fletcher and Jody plan their strategy.
Ryannie and Monica build a base.
Nancy and Ryan plan a strong design.

Free standing for 30 sec,
and 168 cm high!

Free standing for 30 sec,
and 198 cm high!
Very sorry  Fletcher and Jody...
how did I miss your final picture!!

sad smiley

Their tower was free standing for 30 sec,
and 141 cm high!

Ryannie & Jody
One last try - a new design.  134 cm