How to Improve your Tree Observations Book


1.   Clouds and Sky observations

              What color is the sky?   Is it sunny?

              Do you see clouds?  How many?

              What color are the clouds?

Bright blue sky with white clouds.

Sky is full of gray clouds.
Light blue sky with a light white clouds.


2.  Estimate the Temperature
             Write a complete sentence
             Estimate the temperature by how it feels.
       Use words and a number to describe the temperature.
  The air feels warm today
 It is about 80 deg. F.

The air is cool today.
 It is about 75 degrees.

The air is very cold today.
It is about 60 degrees.

The wind is cold today.

3.  Leaf Color Code:

                  Compare and Record the color Every day

                    Write the code in 2 places!
                                 - Observation page
                                 - GLOBE data page

3.  Observations
  Observe your leaf and the tree

                     What does the whole tree look like today?

                      What does your leaf look like today?
         What other things did you notice?


Today the leaves are very dry.

My leaf has a new hole in it!

The tree is beginning to change at the top.

I noticed the tree has more yellow on the south side today.

Many leaves are on the ground today.


    Use the vocabulary to tell about YOUR Tree..

The tree is a producer because it makes sugar in the leaves.

The leaves are green because they have chlorophyl.

This tree is in a Temperate Biome.

Herbivores can eat my tree!

Carnivores do not eat my tree.

My tree is not in a Polar Biome.

Reflect about your tree. What questions do you have?
I was thinking about the tree because I looked and it is the same color as yesterday.  I think the Sun helps to make the same color.           - Piotr Wojewoda