Lithosphere UNIT 3                                                 Name  ______KEY_________
EARTH LANDFORMS   Activity 3.02 Questions

1.  What are 2 kinds of plains and what is the difference between them?

_____Interior plains and  coastal plains________

____The difference:  coastal plains are found near the ocean edges _____

____and interior plains are found in the middle of a continent__________

2.  A plateau is :
a.    rocky lands made of  vertical rocks that were raised by the forces inside the Earth
b.    horizontal rocks that were pulled up by the inside forces
c.    flat lands that was elevated by the forces inside the Earth
d.    grassy land that was lifted up by the forces outside the Earth

3.  What are the four kinds of mountains?     
a.    ___folded mountain____

b.    __upwarped mountain____

c.    __fault-block mountains___

d.    __volcanic mountains_____

4.  How were folded mountains formed? What is an example of folded mountains?

____are made from rock layers that were squeezed from both sides - so the rock layers fold_____

___Examples:  The Appalachian Mountains_________________________________

5.  What are unwarped mountains? Give examples.

___are made when the crust was gently pushed upward by forces inside the Earth. The rock layers don't bend very much_________

____Examples:  The Black Hills, the Adirondacks, and the Big Horns_______


6.  What is a fault? How are fault-block mountains formed?  Give examples of fault block mountains in the US.

__A fault is a huge crack in the crust where two pieces of crust can move.____________

__Fault block mountains  are made of huge tiltled blocks of rock that moved up along a fault.__________

___Examples: Sierra Nevada Mnts, the Grande Tetons, the Rocky Mountains______


7.  What are volcanic mountains?    Where do volcanic mountains exist?

_____Are made when layers of hot lava reach the crust's surface and form a cone-shaped mountain.__

___Examples:  the Hawiaan Islands, northwest USA (Mt. St. Helens,  Mt. Washington, etc)____