Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

Deaf Women and Men in Science

Student Reports

Students are encouraged to write about the contributions of deaf and hard of hearing women and men in science.

Student contributions to this page are welcome!
  • Report guidelines
  • How to submit a report 
  • Recommended resources
  •   Story about Elmer Hayes,  Senior chemist for the Environmental Protection Agency
    Interview with a Deaf Veterinarian. A feature article from World Around You, the magazine for Deaf teens.
    " ...Deaf men and women,
    once relegated to playing a minor accompaniment in the history of science,
    emerged from an eclipse of ignorance and prejudice and entered the light of reason.
    ...they work with their hearing companions to sharpen all of our sensations,
    and to further human progress."
    Dr. Harry G. Lang, in Silence of the Spheres

    Report Guidelines

    How to submit a report

    Recommended Resources